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Finding a Cause: Seven Pittsburgh Groups Making a Difference

ALS Kids made Pittsburgh Magazine's list of dedicated, homegrown charitable service organizations

"Spare Change"

Read the full article here:

"After her grandmother was diagnosed in 2014 with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (or Lou Gehrig’s disease), 11-year-old Maeve Shaughnessy of Ross Township was inspired to contribute to the fight to combat the disease.

Along with her classmate, friend and business partner Sydney Birchard, whose grandfather died from ALS, the student at St. Edmund’s Academy in Squirrel Hill formed ALS Kids (

The nonprofit organization provides the younger generation with opportunities to raise money for ALS research and patients through efforts such as mini-golf tournaments and the Change for Change campaign, which encourages participants to fill a jar with spare change and turn it in as a donation. Through this campaign, Maeve and Sydney have raised approximately $5,000 since beginning their work in May.

With each donation received, ALS Kids sends a gift — such as a coffee mug, a stress ball and a bracelet — to someone living with ALS while donating funding to support the ALS Association. —TM"


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