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2016 Volunteers of the Year Award

In December, 2016, Maeve and Sydney were honored to receive the Rita G. Patchan Volunteers of the Year award through the Western, Pa, ALS Association for their countless hours of volunteer work.

The girls were notified of this special award two days before Maeve’s Grandma passed away on Thanksgiving Day.

Maeve’s grandma was always her biggest fan and was so proud of all her accomplishments. As Maeve’s mom read Carol the email from Merritt Spier, Executive Director of the chapter, a tear slipped down her cheek and as best as she could she gave a thumbs up. It was the last news we could share with her and we know how happy this made her.

Maeve and Sydney accepted this award 2 weeks after Carol’s passing. There were tears and smiles throughout the day. We know Carol was smiling down on the girls and still is today.

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