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Every Drop Adds Up

An article written by ALS Kids' Mom, Amy Shaughnessy, which was featured on ALS Association, North Carolina Chapter's website

Every Cent

“For Maeve, the sky is the limit for what she can achieve to help people living with ALS!”

My sweet daughter, Maeve, was born with a heart of gold. As early as two years old it was clear that she was already putting others before herself. So when her grandmother, Carol, was diagnosed with ALS in December 2014, what she chose to do came as no surprise.

The following summer, Maeve started a neighborhood lemonade stand and raised close to $600 in honor of Carol!

When school began, Maeve helped organized a walk-a-thon with her 4th grade class, which raised $205. Maeve was so excited to present that check to her grandmother on Christmas Day. 

With amazing dedication, Maeve continued to make the fight against ALS one of her top priorities. She sold bracelets at ALS fundraisers in the area, raising $200 and bringing even more attention to the disease.

"Every cent adds up in the fight against ALS."

Earlier this year, Maeve and her friend, Sydney Birchard, started their own company called “ALS Kids” to help people living with ALS by providing them a gift and a donation to The ALS Association.

One of their first fundraisers was called “Some Change for a Change,” where they handed out close to 100 jars for people to fill with their loose change. So far, ALS Kids has raised close to $4,000 with their change jars alone! Now, Maeve is busy planning an ALS Kids miniature golf fundraiser in August with the proceeds going to her local ALS Association chapter.

And as far as Maeve is concerned, the sky is the limit for what she can achieve to help people living with ALS!

Join Maeve and help rid the world of ALS. Make your contribution today!

~ Amy Shaughnessy

For the full article on ALS Association page:


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